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It is with sad news that the ABA has decided to cancel the remainder of the 2019-20 season. There will be no regional playoffs and no Elite 8 this year due to the Coronavirus pandemic.

THANK YOU to all of our players, coaches, staff, sponsors and amazing fans for their support this season. It was truly a special year. We could not have a top 10 ABA franchise without all your support.

We hope to see all of you again next season. We will be hosting the 2020-21 Elite 8 tournament as well. Our fans are so excited. Stay healthy and stay safe.

Jim Evans
Binghamton Bulldogs

The Bulldog Report

Bulldogs win bid to host 2021 ABA Championships! 

Indianapolis, IN - The 2020-21 Elite 8 National Tournament & All-Star game has been granted to the Binghamton Bulldogs!


The 2021 Championship series will be played in Binghamton, NY in April 2021. 

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Do it all point guard, #4 Ralph Williams! 
The best fan base in the ABA! 
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2019-20 ABA All-Star

Derek Hart

20.1 ppg

8.9 RPG

2.5 Blocks

66.5% Field Goals 

Mark Anderson
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