Reggie Hawkins

Binghamton Bulldogs

General Manager/Head Coach


Reggie Hawkins (born February 21, 1970) was selected as inaugural Head Coach of the Binghamton Bulldogs in April 2017. A Binghamton native, Reggie has spent the past decade working with BX Player Development Group as a basketball coach as well as strength & conditioning coach. Known for his passion and commitment to hard work, Reggie has made a significant impact in the growth of many athletes and coaches at the youth, collegiate and professional level.    


Hawkins led the Bulldogs to a 23-4 record in the Bulldogs inaugural season, including an East Region championship and national Elite 8 trip to Austin, Texas. The Bulldogs would finish 7th in the national tournament, and finished the season ranked 7th in the country out of 140 teams.


In year 2, the Bulldogs were a very strong team once again. Hawkins led the squad to a 22-6 record and earned the #1 overall seed in the East Region playoffs. The team finished ranked 10th in the national ABA poll, out of 145 teams.


Reggie is a pillar in the local basketball community who is affectionately known as “Coach Hawk.” He played basketball at Binghamton High School and graduated in 1989, before continuing his career at the Junior College of Albany - in Albany, NY.  


Reggie currently resides in Vestal, NY.  He is the proud father of two sons, Kenny and Donovan, and two daughters Alani and Nevaeh. 

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