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"BE READY" Mini camps 


The Binghamton Bulldogs are offering twenty four total 90-minute workouts over Eight weeks. Get your kids ready for school basketball in our first ever "BE READY" youth bball camps. 

Each Se

Each session is M/W/F for 2 weeks

Each workout is from 7pm - 8:30pm (90 minutes)

Price - $100 per session. 

Session 1 - August 19th  -  September 1st 
Session 2 - Septmber 2nd - September 15th
Session 3 - September 16th - September 29th
Session 4 - September 30th - October 13th

The “BE READY” program is for ages 12-17 modified, JV, & High School boys and girls in a small group setting with Binghamton Bulldogs All-star guard Chris Cartwright!


Bulldogs “Mini-camps” will focus on basketball skills, strength, agility and conditioning. 


Monday & Wednesday @ St. Thomas church (bball & agility work)
Friday @ Binghamton University (Field work - Strength & conditioning)


Workouts with Chris Cartwright will feature:

*Restistance pully - Explosive training, lateral quickness. 
*Speed ladder - Flexibility and agility
*Parachute - Resistance and exploding
*Ball hog gloves and vision blocking shades - ball handling without looking at the floor.


Online registration is required. SIGNUP Below!

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